Get Up & Get Moving: Yoga For Your Morning Routine


What’s your morning routine after you wake up? Have you considered adding yoga to energize your body? Your body will get used to waking up at the same time every day, if you practice yoga in the morning. Yoga has many health benefits. It has a positive effect on your endocrine system, which will help keep [...]

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Studying Tips for the Self-Guided College Student


How do you study for your exams? Do you wait until the last minute? Here are some tips to help you study better. Schedule your studying sessions in a planner. Do not wait until the last minute! Cramming for your test will cause anxiety and you will retain less information. Instead, write down all of your [...]

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College Loneliness


 “College students today are among the brightest, most inclusive and civically engaged in decades. They are also the loneliest.” Why? It’s because they’re better at communicating via texting and social media, rather than speaking to people face to face. Due to technology, more college students have anxiety, depression and loneliness. How do you become social? [...]

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Back to College Tips


It's back to school time! Whether it’s your first year or last, here are some helpful tips to make your school year go a little more smoothly. If possible, try to stay on campus your Freshman year. I still keep in touch with many of my dorm friends. If you keep your door open while you’re [...]

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